Investor Information

Our Vision

At Trabajosonline, we are committed to a future with more hiring possibilities for Freelancers, Salaried employees with more flexible payments in Fiat currencies (€,$) and Cryptos. Our mission is to develop our marketplace for Freelancers & Companies.


Our team is dedicated to continuous innovation and the enhancement of our platform. Here's a look at what we're currently working on and what you can expect in the future.

Q2 2023

Launch of the user interface for Trabajosonline

  • Development and creation of the Trabajosonline APP
  • Design and prototype of the MVP for Freelancer jobs"
Q3 2023

Improvements to the APP and new features for the user panel

  • Implementation of login with email and crypto wallet
  • Completed in the Dashboard My Jobs, My Favorites, My Proposals
  • Integration of Backend and Frontend of the APP
Q4 2023

Development of the APP for Trabajosonline - Freelance Services Marketplace

  • Development and implementation of Defi Escrow Smart Contracts
  • Crypto Payment Networks (Testnet, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain)
  • Added fixed price payment, pay by the hour, milestones to smart contracts and UI
  • Completed in the Dashboard My Orders (administration milestones, release, dispute, etc.)
  • Ratings from Freelancers and Clients
  • Tokenomics and TRB Economy
Q1 2024

Completion of the APP, development of the Frontend (Website), Beta Tester

  • Chat between clients and freelancers
  • Opening of our Beta
  • Contracts and Security Audits and review of the smart contracts code
  • Extension to the Escrow Fiat Payments Platform: Stripe
  • SSR Jobs: Server Side Rendering of jobs
  • Trabajos V.2.0 New user interface
  • Documentation v.1.0
  • Multichannel marketing
Q2 2024

Launch of the Website + App

In Development
  • Android native client, iOS native client
  • Cryptowallets: Extension for Ledger, Trezor, Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect
  • Ad/bounty campaigns
  • AI Support & Help
  • Affiliate Program
  • Services for gig workers
  • Email Notification of new jobs
  • Launch of the TRB token (IDO Schedule)
  • Launch of Bitcoin Escrow multisig contract
  • Expansion to other networks SOLANA, CARDANO, AVALANCHE
  • Complete integration of web3 into our UI
  • Multichannel marketing
Q3 2024

Expansion of the UI to add plugins

  • Connect profiles with Github
  • Build a global ranking profile (testing, etc.)
  • Direct Contracts, create and send contract proposals to clients who are not on Trabajos
  • Custom network settings
  • Establish alliances with other companies in the sector
  • Launch of Enterprise Suite
  • AI Jobs Assistant (Generation of CVs and job postings with AI, Compatibility of jobs with our profile)
  • Multichannel marketing

Investment Opportunities

Trabajosonline is a growing platform with a clear vision for the future. If you are interested in investing in our platform, here are some opportunities we offer.

Currently, there are two separate lines in which investors can invest in Trabajosonline, through a Pre Seed Stage and an IDO (Initial Dex Offering) of our TRB token.

Investment Round

For a PreMoney valuation please contact us via our email [email protected]

What is TRB Token?

To facilitate crypto payments, hire Freelancers, we will create our native TRB Token. You can use TRB to pay any fee on our platform, which includes, among others (Posting job offers, Freelancer Fee payments, Community Rewards, Airdrops..)

Discount Rate*1st year2nd year3rd year
4th year5th year6th year7th year..

Token Features

The token allocation will be distributed as follows

Token supply
Total supply200M TRB
Max supply200M TRB
Token Price0.01 €/TRB
Tokens allocationPercentage of tokens
40% IDO/ICO80M
40% Founders80M
10% Angels, Investors20M
5% Employees & Consultants of Trabajosonline10M
2.5% Treasury5M
2.5% Icodrops, Airdrops, Rewards5M

Use of Funds

The funds raised will be used to finance the development of the platform and the expansion of the community.

60% of the funds will be used to build the Trabajos platform and make system improvements, which includes hiring staff, training, and the development budget.

20% will be used for Trabajos brand and marketing, including ongoing promotion and Trabajosonline training.

20% will be kept in reserve to deal with any emergencies or unexpected situations that may arise.

Be one of our first investors

As an early investor, you support the growth of our platform and the development of a Freelancer services Marketplace with web3 integration.

Round IDataStatus
Start DateJuly 1st
End DateSeptember 15th
Vesting November 15th
Token Price0,04€/TRB
BlockchainEthereum Mainnet
Tokens sold in the round1,600,000